International Private Medical Insurance
Access to high quality healthcare in Russia and worldwide
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Benefit limit up to EUR 5 000 000

Choose appropriate program to take a real care of your health

The Solution for:
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Expatriates residing in Russia or frequent international travelers who want same full-scale healthcare services wherever and whenever needed
Russian nationals who desire best-of-the-best Medicine available in Russia
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Why to get IPMI
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Independent Insurance Consultants (IIC) – is an insurance brokerage company. We work with multiple insurance companies worldwide and provide tailor made solution for each individual and corporate client. We take care of the client during all insured period as well and help to negotiate each extraordinary situation
For Private Persons
  • Insurance for clients aged 0-75 and older upon request
  • Insurance limits up to USD 5 mln
  • Coverage of most critical medical conditions
  • Access to leading healthcare facilities in Russia, the UE, Israel, the US and RoW
  • Immediate refund and direct clinic compensation options, so client does not need to pay own money
  • Medical support and consultative service
For Corporate clients
  • Insurance limits up to USD 5 mln
  • Corporate discounts
  • Tailor made health plans based on special needs and conditions of global and local industries
  • Preferences for family members
  • Immediate refund and direct clinic compensation options, so client does not need to pay own money
  • Medical support and consultative service
  • Independent professional second opinion

Personal Medical Consultant

You will have access to Personal Medical Consultant who will supervise your treatment and advise as independent medical expert
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Personal Consultant will help to:
  • Select a medical professional
  • Select appropriate medical facility;
  • Get an appointment
  • Arrange a house visit
  • Obtain second medical opinion
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Client Feedback
Sberbank CIB
We chose between premium local health insurance with premium clinics and IPMI. As a result, the price difference turned out to be small, but the international program has much more advantages and covers all the risks associated with the health of our employees.
Vladislav K.
I compared different programs, inclined towards the European Medical Center. But in the end it turned out that it is more profitable to take international insurance - its coverage is much more, the European Medical Center is included, and the GMS clinic. While using the insurance only for checkout, happy.
Andrey V.
I thought about an international policy a few years ago, when I had to treat teeth in Portugal at my own expense. After that trip, I thought every time abroad: what if something goes wrong? And constantly it seemed that something somewhere hurts, some kind of paranoia. Now I don’t think about it with IPMI, I freely move around the world and enjoy. I know that if something happens, I can easily get to the best clinic with insurance.
Veronika M.
I have not bought local insurance for a long time, I switched to international insurance 5 years ago, I bought insurance directly from European companies. Now for the second year I am acquiring a similar insurance in Russia, Russian-language support is more convenient than foreign.

With international medical insurance policy
You will get:
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Access to high quality healthcare in each part of the World 10 000+ hospitals and 100 000+ doctors. For travelers it is times more reliable than just travel insurance
Home-based medical care: consultations by phone or via internet, doctor dispatch, hi-tech examinations and tests at a bedside
Routine and emergency care, including air ambulance evacuation
Annual individually customized check-up
Management of pregnancy and childbirth (option). Preventive child insurance
Full management of severe illnesses which normally are not covered under voluntary medical insurance (VMI)
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Our Partners

Our Team

Founder and director of the company Independent Insurance Consultants
Head of Practice, Medical Consultant
Dr. Pavel E. ZAYTSEV, MD
A doctor with experience in insurance and assistance. Work with Russian and foreign insurers. Insurance solutions for companies with international activities and individuals. Settlement of extraordinary cases
Key Account Manager
Specialist with many years of experience in life insurance with Russian and international companies
Account Manager
Consultant on individual insurance plans for VIPs

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